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Regard to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 more than 180 nations have signed the commitment to reduce the pollutant emis­sion.

The European Union also: from 26 september 2015 heating and domestic hot water appliances must comply the ErP Directive (Energy Realated Products) issued by The European Commis­sion.

The Directives have been put in place to help the EU achieve its 20-20-20 target:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%
  • Increase energy efficiency by 20%
  • Increase the share of renewable energies to 20%

All by year 2020.

All heating and domestic hot water appliances must meet the requirements and labelled to be placed on the european market.


Ecodesign - ecofriendly design

(rif. Reg. 813 e 814 del 2013 in accordance with Directive 2009/125/CE)

Affects products with an output (Pn) ≤ 400 kW and sets the mandatory minimum requirements of energy and environ­mental performance of the energy-using products on the ba­sis of:

  • Minimum efficiency requirements
  • Emissions
  • Maximum allowable noise

ErP Energy Labelling

(rif. Reg. 811 e 812 del 2013 in accordance with 2010/30/UE)

Affects products with an output (Pn) ≤ 70 kW requires pro­ducts to be equipped with a label which contain specific in­formation, such as energy efficiency class (ranging from G to A++ for heating products and G to A for domestic hot water appliances), output and noise emission.

This is to allow the user can identify the product efficiency, so that they can make a choice about high efficiency products.

On the label, in addition to the energy class, the user can find other informations necessary to identify the efficiency level of a product, thereby enabling the user to make an informed choice.


erp etichetta neutra

ErP label

  1. Name or trademark supplier
  2. Product name
  3. Declared load profile
  4. Energy efficiency class
  5. Sound power level
  6. Annual energy and fuel consumption