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Bellagio 14 RS i HM-Bellagio 17 RS i HM

Domestic gas water heater outdoor (room sealed)
High modulation


General information

Bellagio RSI Bellagio HMTAGLIATA


  • Appliance type A2 (*):does not require fume intake/exhaust systems
  • High resistance to UV rays and the elements thanks to a polyester paint coating and use of specifically treated materials
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum water temperature stability due to the high modulation ratio up to 1:8
  • Reduced consumption due to the high modulation ratio
  • Very low start-up water pressure required
  • Electronic flame modulation
  • ACC system (Automatic Combustion Control) to control and monitor combustion
  • High health comfort with hot water temperature stability
  • Rapid response to user demands thanks to the standard flow meter
  • Standard anti-freeze protection (- 15 °C)
  • Compact size
  • Simple maintenance thanks to frontal accessibility to all parts
  • Use possible with NG or LPG
  • Ideal for single point residential and commercial use
  • Intuitive display interface
  • Standard connection settings for solar heating systems
  • Possibility of connection with remote control

(*) Designed for outdoor installation in a partially protected area


  • Degree of Protection IPX5D
  • Water overheating control device
  • NTC probe temperature control
  • Ignition and control of flame with mono-electrode
  • The display shows the operating state, temperatures and alarm
  • ErP Ready

User interface:

A Display
B Button on/off/reset
C Water temperature control knob

cruscottiBellagio1114rsiHM new



vista quotata BELLAGIO HM

Dimensions in mm
 Bellagio 14 RS i HMBellagio 17 RS i HM
DHW input
1/2" M 1/2" M
DHW output
1/2" M 1/2" M
3/4" M 3/4" M


ErP Ready


30000688 Bellagio 14 RSI HM NG 30000690 Bellagio 17 RSI HM NG

  Bellagio 14 RS i HMBellagio 17 RS i HM
Declared load profile M XL
Energy efficiency class A A
Water heating energy efficiency class 70% 86%
Sound power level 51 db(A) 50 db(A)
Annual energy consumption 18 kWh 20 kWh
Annual fuel consumption 6 Gj 17 Gj


Technical data

Technical data for: NG (G20) - LPG (G30) - LPG (G31)

  Bellagio 14 RS i HMBellagio 17 RS i HM
Electric power (W) 41 74
Nominal heat input (kW) 27,6 33,3
Nominal output power (kW) 24,5 29,5
Minimum heat input (kW) 4,1 5,3
Minimum output power (kW)
 3,2 4,1
Minimum ignition flow (l/min)
 2,0 2,0
Maximum pressure (bar)
10,0 10,0
Minimum pressure (bar)
0,13 0,13