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Bellagio 11 RS i - Bellagio 14 RS i

Domestic gas water heater outdoor (room sealed)


General information

Bellagio RSI Bellagio HMTAGLIATA


  • Appliance type A2 (*):does not require fume intake/exhaust systems
  • High resistance to UV rays and the elements thanks to a polyester paint coating and use of specifically treated materials
  • High efficiency
  • Very low start-up water pressure required
  • Electronic flame modulation
  • ACC system (Automatic Combustion Control) to control and monitor combustion
  • High health comfort with hot water temperature stability
  • Rapid response to user demands thanks to the standard flow meter
  • Standard anti-freeze protection (- 15 °C)
  • Compact size
  • Simple maintenance thanks to frontal accessibility to all parts
  • Use possible with NG or LPG
  • Ideal for single point residential and commercial use
  • Intuitive display interface
  • Possibility of connection with remote control
  • (*) Designed for outdoor installation in a partially protected area


  • Degree of Protection IPX5D
  • Water overheating control device
  • NTC probe temperature control
  • Ignition and control of flame with mono-electrode
  • The display shows the operating state, temperatures and alarm
  • ErP Ready

User interface:

A Display
B Button on/off/reset
C Water temperature control knob

CruscottoBellagio1114rsi new



vista quotata BELLAGIO

Dimensions in mm
 Bellagio 11 RS iBellagio 14 RS i
A 300 385
DHW input
1/2" M 1/2" M
DHW output
1/2" M 1/2" M
3/4" M 3/4" M


ErP Ready


30000684 Bellagio 11 RSi NG 30000686 Bellagio 14 RSi NG

  Bellagio 11 RS iBellagio 14 RS i
Declared load profile M XL
Energy efficiency class A A
Water heating energy efficiency class 70% 86%
Sound power level 51 db(A) 50 db(A)
Annual energy consumption 18 kWh 20 kWh
Annual fuel consumption 6 Gj 17 Gj


Technical data

Technical data for: NG (G20) - LPG (G30) - LPG (G31)

  Bellagio 11 RS iBellagio 14 RS i
Electric power (W) 4 41
Nominal heat input (kW) 22,0 27,6
Nominal output power (kW) 19,5 24,5
Minimum heat input (kW) 7,5 9,0
Minimum output power (kW)
 5,9 7,0
Minimum ignition flow (l/min)
 2,0 2,0
Maximum pressure (bar)
10,0 10,0
Minimum pressure (bar)
0,13 0,13