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Perla Pro 24 i – Perla Pro 28 i

Wall hung gas combi boiler (open chamber)


General information

Perla Pro i Perla Pro RSi


  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for room ventilated
  • Mono-thermal combustion
  • Use possible with NG or LPG
  • Ignition and control of flame with monoelectrode
  • Gradual and continuous power modulation in both hea¬ting and domestic hot water
  • Stainless steel domestic hot water plate heat exchanger
  • Domestic hot water temperature stabilization function
  • Instant and continuous domestic hot water even with low water pressure (0,15 bar)
  • 3-speed stage pump with an integrated automatic air vent
  • Ability to use a room thermostat
  • Ability to connect with an external probe


  • Elegant user interface, with a simple, userfriendly digital di¬splay that makes it possible to use the information on the equipment’s status immediately
  • Three-colour LED indicators that are visible even when the door is closed, used to show the boiler’s operating status (on, off, fault detected)
  • Noiseless operation
  • Comply with EN 15502
  • Boiler over-heat safety system
  • IPX4D electrical protection
  • 3-ways valve anti-lock function

User interface:

A Pressure gauge
B Display
C Led lit up
D Function selector - Adjustment selector heating temperature
E Adjustment selector domestic hot water temperature - Function selector combustion analysis

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Dimensions in mm
 Perla Pro 24 iPerla Pro 28 i
A 400 450
B 71.5 96.5
C 65.5 90.5
D 200 225
MR Heating delivery 3/4” M 3/4” M
AC Hot water 1/2” M 1/2” M
G gas 3/4” M 3/4” M
AF Cold water 1/2" M 1/2" M
R Heating return 3/4” M 3/4” M

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Technical data

Technical data for: NG (G20) - LPG (G30) - LPG (G31)

  Perla Pro 24 iPerla Pro 28 i
Nominal heat input heating/ domestic hot water (kW) 26,3 30,9
Nominal heat output heating/ domestic hot water (kW)    23,8 27,9
Reduced heat input heating (kW) 11,3 14,2
Reduced heat output heating (kW) 9,9 12,4
Reduced heat input domestic hot water (kW) 9,0 10,4
Reduced heat output domestic hot water (kW) 7,8 9,0
Useful efficiency Pn max (%) 90,4 90,4
Heating water temperature (min-max) (+/-3) (C°) 40 - 80 40 - 80
Domestic hot water temperature (min-max) (l/min) 37-60 37-60
Quantity of hot water Δt 25°C (l/min) 13,6 16
Diameter flue pipes (mm) 130 140
Weight (Kg) 29 30
Height (mm) 740 740
Width (mm) 400 450
Depth (mm) 345 345