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Innovita gas combi boilers

Innovita gas combi boilers are the ideal alternative to traditional central heating systems.

These boilers work not only as an extremely efficient water heater but as a heating unit as well.

They provide hot water for both the DHW and heating system starting from the specific request of each individual house, wi­thout many of the costs and problems associated with central systems.

Innovita gas combi-boilers are a simple compact unit that can be installed in the kitchen or in the boiler room.

As they require no hot water storage unit or any of the other components that usually make up a central heating system, these boilers yield valuable space saving and energy savings for the customer.

Innovita gas combi boilers employ the latest European technology.

They deliver both instant and continuous hot water, and independent heating, all in a space saving and efficient package that is CE certified.

Gas Combi-boilers are available in a range of different models and capacities and heat input rates to suit every household’s ne­eds.

Our forced flue and natural draught exhaust systems with open or room-sealed air intake systems, all are 91% efficient.


Wall hung gas combi boilers (open chamber)

Wall hung gas combi boilers (room sealed)