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Innovita aluminum radiators

Innovita aluminium radiators are designed in Italy, using parts and materials conforming to European standards.

Specialised alloys and high quality parts such as gaskets, nipples, treatment and paint materials sourced from trusted Italian suppliers ensure quality and safety.

All the radiators pass through a three stage paint process, which includes pre-treatment of the surface, liquid paint for 100% coverage of the inside and outside surfaces, and powder paint for outside surface finishing.

Innovita radiators are manufactured in a fully automated assembly line, fully robotic die-casting, pressure testing, a three-stage treatment and paint line, and strict quality control.

All models have CE certification, thus offering an assurance of quality for every one of our radiators.

The variety of models and the flexibility of the number of sections means that consumers can find the one that suits them, and can upgrade their model easily.

Innovita radiators are easy to install and the need for fewer sections reduces costs drastically


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